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Please note: This training course is now housed on Help and Training. Complete IMS Awareness Training through this link instead: https://help.salesforce.com/HTTrainingModulesDetail?courseId=a1S0M0000034916


The Trust Academy platform is being sunsetted and this course will no longer be available here after November 1, 2017. For questions, please reach out to securitytraining@salesforce.com


The IMS (Incident Management System) Awareness course is a self guided 15-minute training on proper Salesforce protocol for handling incidents and how to proceed if you are ever on-call or called into an incident bridge.

In just a couple of short videos, this course will give you a better understanding of the American National Incident Management System and how Salesforce has adopted the protocol for handling incidents. You will learn about the different roles involved in an incident bridge, like the incident commander (IC) or subject matter expert (SME), as well as quick tips for communication during a bridge.


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