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  • Term:  July 2015

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    Masha Sedova
Cyber criminal v3

Detection Everywhere

July 2015


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    Masha Sedova
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    Benjamin Diepold
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Course Summary

Virtual Detection Everywhere is the latest learning experience brought to you by the Trust Team and is designed to give you and your team a hands-on understanding of cyber security and what it takes to protect against persistent cyber-attacks.


Detection Everywhere is offered in two formats: one is an in-person simulation and the other is a virtual version. Both are designed to be run as a team and cover the same activities and learning objectives. If needed, virtual detection everywhere can be done individually and should be run as a team lead and not as a session participant.


During this interactive meeting you will go through a series of engaging activities designed to promote discussion about cyber vulnerabilities and the implications to Salesforce and our customers. You will recognize some of the basic behaviors that every employee can practice to make the company more secure and look at things from an attacker's point-of-view!

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Detection Everywhere


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